We help bridge the gap for both students and families that are unable to enroll in paid-tutoring courses.

Delta Prep SHSAT Prep has is completely free and will always be free. 

Our Story

Delta Prep was founded by two graduates of Brooklyn Technical High School. The organization started as a small passion project in 2017 at a local Brooklyn public library with 2 tutors and has since then transitioned to an online tutoring platform that helps students from immigrant and low income backgrounds prepare for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT).

Since 2017, Delta Prep has grown from the initial 2 tutors to over 15 tutors and volunteers serving in various capacities. In addition to our tutoring services, we have enlisted a network of working professionals in medicine, law, and engineering from to serve as career mentors for our students. 

We are also proud to announce, we are a 501(c)(3) Educational Non-Profit.

Goals For The Delta Prep Program

Delta Prep program strives to provide students with high-quality tutoring

Below are some other goals we hope to achieve in the near future:

A Message From Our Co-Founders

Arif I. Mahmud, MD


Growing up in an immigrant family, my parents always emphasized academic achievement as the stepping stone to professional success. 

Halfway through middle school, I would hear about the specialized high schools (SHS) not only from my parents but from everyone in the South Asian community on Church Avenue, Brooklyn. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about – it was just another school to go to after all. However, now as I reflect back after graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School, I was able to truly appreciate the wonderful opportunities that were provided to me. 

As it came time for my younger brother to apply to high school, I was able to advise him on SHSAT strategies whenever he needed help or had questions. After my brother successfully gained admission into a SHS, my focus began to turn toward the community in which I lived. I saw young students eager to study for the opportunity to attend an SHS, but at times, were frustrated with the preparation process. Paid tutoring services, while available, were out of reach for most families in the neighborhood. 

This identification of a need for tutoring services and a desire to give back to the community drove the founding of Delta Prep. Our mission is, and always will be, providing quality tutoring services for the SHSAT free of charge. We hope you will join us in our efforts to increase access to these elite schools for young deserving students. 

Jeffrey Wong


I first learned about the specialized high school admission test (SHSAT) when my parents invested a significant portion of their hard-earned money for me to attend preparatory school classes. As a young student at the time, I didn't fully grasp the value of attending a specialized high school or the financial burden it placed on my family. I was unaware of the sacrifices they made to provide me with those classes. 

At Delta Prep, our goal is to offer high-quality tutoring services and mentorship opportunities to students in need. We aim to raise awareness and inspire the bright minds of the future, equipping them with the necessary tools and guidance for success. Additionally, we aspire to alleviate the financial strain on families and make tutoring more accessible, particularly in communities where paid tutoring services are prohibitively expensive. 

Delta Prep was founded with the intention of giving back to the community and paying forward the opportunities we were fortunate to receive. 

We welcome others to join us in advancing our mission.

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